Planning a Road Trip During COVID


Looking to hit the road? Here’s how you can plan safely.

As vaccination rates continue to increase, many states have reopened completely. However, people may be reluctant to travel due to the new variants and breakthrough infection surges. Roadtrips can be the perfect alternative for those aching to escape but hesitant to take a plane. From personal experience, it can be nerve-wracking to prepare for days on the road and frequent stops at unfamiliar pitstops. Taking precautions and equipping yourself (and your car) can help you have a clean and unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

Scout Your Destination

Before you reach for your suitcase, pick up a map instead. If you are traveling for pleasure, don’t get locked into one destination right away. With the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, it’s a good idea to have a couple of different locations in mind and check out the latest data regarding vaccination and COVID-19 case rates.

A quick Google search will produce a map of the U.S. with markers regarding case per population. Once you narrow your list down, check out the state and city websites for the latest about mask mandates and whether vaccination cards are required.

Pack Cleaning Essentials

Beyond the obvious stash of masks, there are many other items you should pack to ensure you can properly sanitize throughout the duration of your trip.  

For instance, bring plenty of disposable gloves for refueling. I’ve always been grossed out by gas stations, so I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to barehanded pumping!

Sanitizer in all forms is also a must—we’re talking wipes, spray, gel, big bottles, mini bottles. Sometimes on the road, you don’t know when you’ll have a chance to wash your hands with clean water and soap. Having sanitizer within reach will make sure you’re never caught without clean hands.

Speaking of clean, make sure you pack that full container of Clorox wipes too! These are great for wiping down surfaces at hotels and items from gas stations and grocery stores, as needed.

Listen to Your Gut

As the world continues to open up, people are becoming more comfortable taking calculated risks to travel. While you should relax and enjoy your trip, be sure to listen to your gut and only take risks within your comfort level. If you’re stopping in a place where the cases are high, take your food to-go and enjoy it at a local park. You can discover some pretty great views this way. We certainly did!

Happy travels and stay safe out there!

Kate Allen

Kate Allen is an author, lawyer, and active traveler based in Texas. In addition to lawyering, she also works as a freelance writer and book reviewer. Her own debut novel, FEAR OF FLYING was published in March 2021. When not in front of her laptop, she can be found painting, hiking, and traveling with her husband and their smiling dog.  


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