3 Habits to Become A Sustainable Reader

Library Hauls

This one’s for the Booktube and Bookstagram crowd!

“Library hauls” have been a recent trend on Bookstagram and it deserves WAY more attention. #BookHauls are always popular on content on Instagram and it’s a perfect way to show off your new reads. However, it has the unfortunate effect of feeding the poster’s book-buying addiction and promoting potentially excessive shopping habits to followers.

While it’s fun to buy new books, why not go “shopping” at your local library. Posting library hauls is equally great content and promotes sustainability. You’re also likely to find some gems that you might’ve overlooked at a bookstore!

Buy Used

This one is a no-brainer, but some people are reluctant to buy used books. In defense of used books--you can find books with some neat leftover notes, bookmarks, and doodles in the margins.

Also, used bookstores tend to be quirkier and always have an interesting layout and selection.

Lastly, you’re giving second (or third or fourth!) life to a book that will probably end up in a recycling bin or landfill at some point if it sits on the shelf for too long.

Donate to Your Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries(LFLs) are incredibly popular right now, with new ones popping up on street corners in your area at a rapid pace. This is wonderful for a few reasons! It makes reading more accessible in neighbors where there isn’t a public library within walking or driving distance.


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